Winged Eyeliner Guide

Winged Eyeliner Tape Tips and Tricks


If you are a party goer and you want your special someone to really focus all their attention on you then you need to learn how to get those smokey eyes using a winged eyeliner tape. This article will teach you the best tips and tricks. These techniques are really good for beginners. You won't have to worry about getting those winged eyeliner at uneven and you can get that nice sharp edge on point. It takes less than two minutes to do this technique. Just one necessary reminder here, the more you practice your winged eyeliner the better you will get at it. It just takes patience and time to make this a real skill.


The first thing that you will have to do is take a piece of tape and put it in the back of your hand. This is important just so you can remove the stickiness of the tape that you don't want since it is going to hurt when you take it off. You need to line up the piece of the tape to the corner of your eye where you want the wing to be. You don't want to be up too high because when you take it off your wing is going to be too high that it wouldn't look elegant on you. You want it to be a little bit lower. The trick here is to line up the edge of your eyebrow. It is where it should be lined up.


Usually smokey eyes have a nice point on it and it doesn't take too much effort to get a good wing. Putting your liner should be angled exactly pointing up. You just have to press the eyeliner tip down against the tape just right beside the eye corner. You will notice that you have a small wing started but what you want to do is make it as long as you want the wing to be. Be very gentle but at the same time you don't want to be too careful because you have the tape as your guide. You're going to drag the liner up onto your lid and you will want to keep it nice and close to the tape and get that point going. It is up to you where you want to stop the wing. You can the same on the other eye and you're done.


It will only take you two minutes to finish this eyeliner trick using the winged eyeliner tape technique. For more facts and information regarding winged eyeliner, you can go to